9 Wedding Reception Songs to Pack the Dance Floor!

Imagine yourself talking to your guests about how fantastic you look or your friends giving you a big hug congratulating you, when all of a sudden, that song you haven’t heard in a long time comes blaring out of the speakers. As you look up, you, you see your tables empty, and guests flocking to the dance floor.  Whether you’re looking to get your guests out of their food-coma, or have them share in a special dance with you and your significant other, make sure you tell your DJ about these songs. Pack Your Reception Dance Floor!

September – Earth, Wind & Fire

A classic old-school jam guaranteed to get your guests up and ready to dance after their delicious meal.

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

Bring out the younger crowd with this one and a good beat to keep your older crowd moving and grooving.

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

A great slow song selection to let all your married and together couples share in a moment with their significant other.

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

Whether you want to start the night off with some dancing or end it with a bang, this is a great choice, no matter what!

Shout – Isley Brothers

A great throwback to have everyone shouting at the top of their lungs when they repeat the, “Hey’s”!

You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

A good ol’ feet-stomping, rock classic. Grab your drink and your friends!

Yeah – Usher Ft. Lil John & Ludacris

Who doesn’t love this song? A more recent throwback, and it’ll make your wedding feel like a club for just a moment.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Want to end the night with a group karaoke? Have your DJ end the night with this one!

Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

Yes! It made the list. There’s something about that melody that everyone wants to just dance!

Let us Pack Your Reception Dance Floor! What are some of your favorite songs? Leave a comment below!

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