Barn Wedding DJ

Barn Wedding DJ

Over the last few years we have become the Barn Wedding DJ. Michigan is blessed to have some of the best barn venues in the country. Add to that the cool spring and fall climates makes a Barn Wedding a great choice.

A Sparty DJs exclusive. We now have a DJ booth designed specifically for your Barn Wedding. Fits and Barn or Rustic decor.

Last year we set our to build a DJ booth specifically to math the decor of most any barn. The Barn Booth is also relatively small, but very powerful. A great choice!

Why You Should Choose A Barn Wedding Venue

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hosting your wedding at a barn.

Barns Offer up A Ton of Space

If you choose to host your ceremony and reception at the same venue, a barn setting is a perfect place. You can have an outdoor ceremony and bring the party inside for dinner and dancing.

Barns Offer Brides A Blank Canvas

You can pair any color scheme with the natural walls and floors found in most barns. And, the high ceilings and open space allow for any decor your heart desires.

If you’re going for whimsical feel and look, you could hang string lights or lanterns.

Michigan Barn Wedding Venue

Barns Can Be Rustic, or Luxurious

We all know what to expect from a ballroom, hotel or country club wedding. With a barn setting, you’re able to decorate it however you like (pending the venue). Which means you could add string lights and balloons for a more traditional feel. Or, you could bring out more of the rustic, countryside feel.

barn wedding venue

Barn venues offer couples the space to decorate and host all of their family and friends for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Barn Weddings Have More Fun

More couples are looking to create an experience for their guests. Of course, we should all expect to have a fun evening out at any wedding celebration, but a barn venue offers more space for guests to roam indoors and outdoors.

There’s just something about a barn wedding that tells your guests they’re in for a good time.

And, the barn venue offers up opportunities that you may not find at a venue in the city, such as fire pits, yard games and animals roaming the fields.

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